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about Deluxe Dry Cleaning Your best garments demand professional care to maintain their quality. Dry cleaning is the safest and most effective way to clean and maintain your best items. Mark’s Quality Cleaners personally evaluates your garments before we begin the cleaning process to determine the best procedures and to ensure safety.
about Couture Wear A couture garment is, by definition, a handmade and unique garments. It’s a one-of-a-kind-item! Thus, it needs personalized cleaning processes to ensure it stands the test of time. We hand inspect your couture garments before the cleaning process and pre-treat prior to beginning the delicate cleaning process, to improve stain removal and to retain size and shape.
about Wedding Apparel Your wedding dress is a symbol of your big day, your marriage vows, and the start of your new life together with your spouse. Make it last forever with Mark’s Quality Cleaners Wedding Gown Preservation services! Our thorough inspection and treatment process will vitalize your wedding gown for generations to come.
about Custom Alterations Is your favorite garment suddenly missing a zipper or a button? Has it been damaged in some way? Is it just plain not fitting like it used to? Let Mark’s Quality Cleaners address any and all of your fitting or repair needs.
about Premium Shirt Service Your shirt is one of the most important parts of your outfit. You can spend hours ironing, folding, and storing them, just to make sure they maintain a certain level of presentability. OR…you can use our Shirt Service to
about Leather & Suede Care Leather and suede items are made from natural or synthetic fibers, and thus are extremely difficult to maintain. They call out for professional care to keep their look, shape, and feel. Our trained professionals will ensure your leather and suede garments last.

about Pick Up & Delivery Time is an extremely valuable resource. Mark’s Quality Cleaners can put more of it back into your day with our Pick Up & Delivery service! We’ll retrieve your garments from the agreed upon pickup area and return them three days later, fresh, clean, and looking like new. Click here to sign up!
about Cold Fur Storage When you buy furs, you want to take the necessary steps to preserve such garments. It is best to store your furs in cold storage once you are done wearing it for the season or when you know you won’t use it for awhile. Furs will last longer by spending more time in cold storage.
about Restoration Sometimes bad things happen. When your worldly possessions are damaged, Mark’s Quality Cleaners Restoration Services can help salvage your items and restore them to their original conditions. Our trained experts will come to you and provide damage estimates as well as detailed cost reports. From there, Mark’s Quality will employ all our skills to salvage your damaged items.
about Designer Shoes and Bag Cleaning and Repairs Designer brand shoes and handbags deserve the highest level of care. Sometimes our most treasured shoes and bags need cleaning or repairs. Our experts will carefully clean or repair your designer shoes and bags. No need to fret over how you will care for your designer items, let us take care of it!
about Draperies and Upholstery Cleaning Your drapes aren’t just decorations. They also attract and retain dirt, dust, and other particles from the air in a room. They need professional cleaning and maintenance every so often to retain their beauty and cleanliness. We’ll make sure your window treatments look great and stay functional.
about Seasonal Storage Taking care of our clothes is important. We provide seasonal storage for your clothing. From your full wardrobe, winter garments or any clothing, we have storage services available. Clean out your closet with no stress and bring us those garments that need special attention and storing.

Our Philosophy

bannerWe believe in providing the best possible service to our customers, because you deserve it. We’ve been working this way since 1953 and plan to continue for a long time to come. When you visit Marks, you know you’re getting quality.