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Bridal Gown Cleaning

After a night of dancing and drinking champagne with your new spouse, your dream dress is most likely not looking as good as new. Trust the experts at Mark’s Quality Cleaners for professional wedding gown cleaning in the Miami Beach, Florida area. With our specialized gown cleaning services, your gown will look as good as it did when you first put it on after careful inspection and cleaning. We use only the finest products and technology when it comes to caring for your wedding gown. Mark’s Quality Cleaners includes industry-leading sugar stain treatment to remove sugar, salt, and other soils that appear clear but yellow over time. Our cleaning services also go beyond your wedding gown to include veils, shoes, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and more!

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How It Works

The bridal gown cleaning process starts by carefully inspecting the gown for stains, especially around the hemline. Beads and other trims are checked for cleanability before we start the cleaning process as well. Then, we carefully spot-treat any stains by hand. Then, the gown is cleaned in a never-before-used cleaning solution specially designed for the gown’s fabric. This solution is different from typical “washing” that involves friction and extreme temperatures. The gown is carefully soaked in a fabric-safe sugar stain treatment solution that will dissolve stains and dirt before they have time to yellow on the gown, such as sweat, sugar, or champagne. The gown is then carefully dried, pressed, and hand-finished, ensuring it looks good as new!

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Bridal Gown Preservation

Your wedding day is full of special memories, and the best way to cherish those memories is by having your wedding gown professionally preserved for you to admire for years to come. At LaSalle Dry Cleaners, our goal is for your wedding gown to look as beautiful on your 50th anniversary as it did on your wedding day with our wedding gown preservation in Coral Gables, Florida. By having your gown professionally preserved, you’re left with a one-of-a-kind keepsake from your wedding day that could even be passed on to a loved one for her wedding one day. We can also preserve your veil, shoes, and more!

How It Works

Our wedding gown preservation specialists start with a consultation and careful inspection of your wedding gown. Next, the gown is carefully cleaned to remove stains and yellowing by our experienced team After the gown is carefully cleaned and steamed, it is then folded and stored in an acid-free, museum-quality chest for you to treasure for years to come. Our storage chests protect you from dust, damage from light, and mildew, while still allowing in air so that the dress can expand and contract in changing humidity and temperatures to prevent mold and mildew.

Cherish Your Gown Forever

Your wedding dress is a symbol of your big day, your marriage vows, and the start of your new life together with your spouse. Make it last forever with Mark’s Quality Cleaners. Our thorough inspection and treatment process will vitalize your wedding gown for generations to come.